Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited
(A Joint venture of Govt. of India and Govt. of Delhi)
Assistant Manager/Electrical (E01)
Merit Wise Result
(Candidates are advised to check their Name / Roll No. carefully for the exact schedule of Document Verification & Medical Examination.)
(Candidates are requested to carefully read the instructions of Medical Examination / Joining)
N.B.: The result of reserved posts will be subject to the final outcome of the CA No.1086/2013 (Sarv Rural & Urban Welfare Vs UOI & others)
* The medical examination of the candidates will be completed in upto 4 working days. If any difficulty arises during medical examination, candidates may immediately report to Recruitment Cell.
Medical Re-examination: It is informed that ordinarily, there is no right of appeal against the findings of an examining medical authority, but if Corporation is satisfied, based on the evidence produced before it by the candidate concerned, of the possibility of error of judgment in the decision of the examining medical authority, it will be open to it, to allow re-examination. Such evidence should be submitted within 5 working days of the date of communication in which the decision of the first medical authority is communicated to the candidate. The candidates must adhere to it.